CAVI is a fast-growing real estate sales company – with a focus on the project marketing of apartment buildings. Founded on experience and success, our portfolio now includes a very respectable sales volume. Our success is no coincidence; our in-depth knowledge of Berlin pays off, as does our perseverance.

Properties and future projects

CAVI markets newly developed, subdivided and subdividable properties.

We have a particularly high level of expertise in the constructive handling of rented units and long-term available units. Our aim: to come up with satisfactory solutions for all parties involved – for the benefit of all. With the best possible exit and returns for the sellers. Affordable entry into valuable residential property for investors. And fair, future-proof pre-purchase options for tenants.

All stakeholders considered

Every apartment building is like a self-contained micro city that you have to get to know and develop. We broker because we love what we do. For Berlin. Those who work and play here do so because of a love of the city.

CAVI does business on that basis: market-oriented to the max, but against the industry cliché. We are there where others are merely passing through. We take our time and mediate calmly, when things become more complex. We think people and potential. Honest. Realistic. Structured. From A to Z. So that transactions not only produce excellent business results, but also the best long-term prospects.

Partner or just starting out?

You like what we do? Wonderful. We look forward to new collaborations – but also to competent, committed additions to our team. Tell us about your goals: by phone +49 30 25469202, by email or via our contact form.

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