Team Berlin

We are not only highly specialised and experienced real estate professionals, but also genuine Berliners. CAVI understands the city, its people, the substance, history and future – the buyers as well as the sellers, the tenants as well as the landlords – interaction, development, transaction. A new generation of real estate agents. That’s who we are. For business that doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth and with an optimal outcome for all.
  • Philipp Rahns

    Founder and managing director

    Project development architect. Born in Berlin-Charlottenburg. From his 10 years’ experience in the distribution and overall sales business, the business graduate has come up with a method that increases transaction benefits for all sides. Making an impact on the Berlin real estate landscape of tomorrow.

  • René Junkuhn

    Broker and senior consultant

    Sales professional for capital investments since 1988, from Spandau. Thanks to his more than 15 years of expertise in real estate with renowned companies including Ziegert and Maksim, he has the professional competence to get results that are the absolute best for all parties. With pleasure and full conviction.

  • Kevin John Komor

    Sales Coordinator

    Sales Coordinator. Perfectionist. From Berlin-Kladow. What others do with their hands and feet, he manages with pure mental strength - and the telephone. His long real estate experience finds the right answer to all sales questions. As a half-Scot, history and soccer fan, Kevin combines cultural competence with persuasiveness. Playfully.

  • Franziska Oelmann

    Sales Coordinator

    From Steglitz. Franziska Oelmann is skilled at conveying the strengths of properties, using her personality and expertise. With her artistic talent and stylist qualities, she knows how to show things in the perfect light. You couldn’t wish for a better saleswoman for real estate.

  • Liwia Rahns

    Acquisitions and purchasing specialist

    From Kreuzberg. She comes from the business world, and learnt all about the business in the field, mastering real estate trading at a rate of knots. Liwia Rahns mobilises all her energies to enable others to do good business. With a positive hands-on mentality and a genuine smile.

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